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South Queensland Sabot Association
56th Winning Appliances Sabot Nationals – January 3 -10, 2020

56th Winning Appliances Sabot Nationals – January 3 -10, 2020

The 56th Winning Appliances Sabot Nationals at Vaucluse has wrapped up, sailors and boats are safely home and some of the kids are so keen they are sailing in other events already.

Unfortunately the presentation photo’s aren’t available yet however I want to acknowledge our sailors for their tremendous efforts and will post photo’s as they become available.

There may have been lots of broken equipment but it sure didn’t break our sailors spirits.
I’m going to quote a few parents:

“what a week, so many memories and how good are our sailors!! The sportsmanship our team shows is amazing!! Very proud of every single one of them”

“I am so proud, amazed and absolutely blown away by them (kids). And to all the parents, you are passionate and committed to seeing your children have the wonderful experience sailing with all their friends”

Here is a quick rundown of best results for our sailors:
(best 2 results)
Teshi Collins-Good 5th and Top Placed Female (2nd & 3rd)
Sean Saunders 6th (3rd & 7th)
Sarie Lombard 7th (4th & 5th)
Edwin Yoshida 8th (3rd & 4th)
Jordan Barney 12th (1st & 1st)
Kelson Eaton 15th (4th & 4th)
Chris Gregg 23rd (10th & 12th)
Chelsea Clifford 25th (15th & 19th)
Caelan Byrt 26th (9th & 13th)
Kian De Laet 30th (4th & 8th)
Flynn Strauss 31st (18th & 24th)
Tom Reynolds 41st (22nd & 24th)
Luke Bowman 42nd (23rd & 26th)
William Yoshida 50th (33rd & 37th)
Jasmine Saunders 52nd (36th & 42nd)

Sabot Week
1st Handicap Holly Jones
3rd Handicap Declan Clifford

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