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South Queensland Sabot Association



All positions will be declared vacant and nominations accepted for all committee positions.  We require minimum participation numbers for this to proceed, please spare 60-90 minutes to ensure this can happen.  We also want to go home to our families and don’t aim to make it longer then necessary.

Alice Palmer has very graciously offered to take over the Treasurer position from Kylie Strauss.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Kylie who has remained our treasurer even after her children have all finished sailing.  Thank you for assisting SQSA in the treasurer role, also assisting with results for our events as well.  We could not have done it without you!

I won’t mince words here but currently the responsibility of almost every aspect of running SQSA is being carried by the Barney and Eaton family.

We are desperately asking for families to help out in some way.   I have attached lists of positions / roles that we would love to be shared throughout our member base.

It could be as simple as being the person who organizes training, manages our uniforms for sale, organizing and printing sign on / sign off sheets for our training days and regatta’s, cooking the BBQ’s.  Having some of these smaller tasks taken off us provides us with more time to focus on the bigger parts of the roles as well as our other responsibilities outside of SQSA.

Carmen and myself will stand another year however we are also very welcoming to anyone that would like to take on ANY of the committee positions including the ones we currently hold.  Carmen has indicated that this Nationals at Teralba could be their last as they come to the end of their sabot journey after many years.  The wonderful organisation of SQSA simply will not continue if some families are not able to spare some time to keep it running.

Please consider what contribution you can make to ensure SQSA continues to thrive.  Please do not hesitate to contact Carmen or myself, we are always happy to have a chat.

Please advise if you would like the option to phone in so we can ensure you are included.



2021 AGM Nomination Form

2021 AGM Agenda.pdf

59th AGM Minutes 2020 SQSA_ (002)[6837]

SQSA Committee Position Descriptions


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