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South Queensland Sabot Association
Committee Members Needed

Committee Members Needed

Thank you to those who attended the AGM on Tuesday, 4 November 2020. We are still in need of more members for our committee and included below is an outline of positions required;

Treasurer – 

Kylie has kindly agreed to remain in the position as an interim measure and will assist in a handover to the new person.  There is a program that comes with the position and all you need to do is pop in the details.  Contact Kylie for more details she is happy to discuss the role in further detail.  Responsibilities include:

–          loading payments via internet banking for 2ndcommittee member to approve

–          authority on accounts

–          sending off financial info that is input into program to an auditor prior to next years AGM (which is generally held early June).


Assistant Measurer – 

–          To assist the measurer with any boats that require measuring.  In a non-Nationals year this role is definitely not a busy one.


Regatta Secretary – 

–          Assist with sign on / sign off sheets at Regatta’s

–          Input race results


Uniform Co-ordinator –

–          Uniforms are booked through try-bookings, you receive an email and arrange for that item to be made available to the person.

–          Stocktake once a year – check what items we have available as part of our audit for financials


Training Committee –

–          We are looking for at least one other person to join our training committee.

–          Provide ideas and suggestions on organising training to best support our sailors.


Minute Secretary – 

–          Take the minutes from the meeting and send to Secretary for distribution.

Please note some people were nominated for positions in their absence as indicated below, however these positions are vacant.


Nominee Nominated Seconded Elected
President Carmen Barney C Barney A Turner Unopposed
Vice President Andrew Turner A Barney K Strauss Unopposed
Junior Vice


Sally Turner B Eaton A Barney Unopposed
Secretary Bonnie Eaton B Eaton A Barney Unopposed
Minute Secretary
Treasurer Kylie Strauss K Strauss B Eaton Unopposed
Registrar Michael Eaton B Eaton K Strauss Unopposed
Measurer Michael Eaton B Eaton R Strauss Unopposed
Executive Peter De Laet

Katia De Laet

B Eaton M Eaton Unopposed




Publicity: Peter De Laet – video content

Bonnie Eaton / Carmen Barney- facebook

?? – Instagram

Assistant Measurer: Scott Collins nominated by B Eaton
Training Committee: Michael Eaton & ????
Aust Sailing Delegate: Carmen Barney
Boat Captain(s): Andrew Barney and Michael Eaton
Patron: Peter Robba (TBC)
Regatta Secretary: William Barker nominated by A Barney
Uniform Co-ordinator:
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